By applying to and joining the affiliate program or accessing an affiliate link from a third party or other partner within the affiliate program, you agree to the following rules, regulations, and terms and conditions.
Use of Trademarks We do not allow the use of our trademarks, URLs, misspellings, extensions or any variation within the goal of optimizing for them.
Below are guidelines to follow: PPC and Media Buys  You may NOT bid or use any of our trademarks, names, extensions or variations as keywords for any PPC network, content network or media buy. Please also add "Supersparrow" and "Super Sparrow" to your negative keywords list. We may ask for screenshots if we see your ads showing our trademarks or brands, and you agree to provide them within 2 business days. During this time frame your commissions may be set to zero and some or all may be reversed regardless of origin. If we can verify sales were not driven using our trademarks, your commissions will be restored. This will be at the sole discretion of the affiliate manager.
Social Media You may not use the name or any variation of our brands as hashtags pretending to be us, represent us or be endorsed or sponsored by You may not create any account using our name or post any messages, include our materials or links to any account or profile. You also agree to not tag, call out or link to our social profiles without prior written agreement from The Affiliate Manager.
Coupon & Loyalty Sites If you run a deals, coupon or loyalty site, please read the following closely. If we find any of the following, and you do not have written approval or permission from the affiliate manager, we may reverse all commissions both current and previous, and you may be removed from the program without warning. We do not allow the following: Expired codes – You cannot post any deal or discount code that is expired and all codes on your site must be current, active and approved. Non affiliate codes – you cannot use any code, discount or deal that is not provided inside the affiliate network. Non-existent codes or deals – You cannot post that there is a deal or discount available if we are not offering one through our affiliate program. Posting codes to properties you do not own – You cannot post codes, coupons or deals to websites and web properties you do not own. You can however post to your own social media accounts, as long as you follow our trademark, social media, advertising disclosure and branding guidelines. You must NOT use codes intended as exclusives for other affiliates or influencers. Any sales of exclusive coupons/codes will be reversed from your account.
Toolbars, Downloadable Software and Adware We do not allow Adware of any kind in the program WITHOUT PERMISSION. Adware by our definition is anything that can interrupt the shopping process, traffic, disrupt the end user experience or be used to display an ad. This includes but is not limited to PPV, coupon ware, reminder ware, loyalty ware, contextual ads, interruptive ads, shopping windows, browser helper objects, browser extensions, CPV advertising.
Disclaimers When promoting restricted, age verified or other controlled products like nicotine, alcohol or tobacco, you will follow all legal protocol and add disclaimers. Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the program without warning and all commissions being reversed. The disclaimers must be compliant with the United States of America, the European Union and also for any and every country your audience will be exposed to the affiliate links and advertisement. This agreement overrides any past, present and future agreements.
TOS Changes It is your responsibility to check our TOS as we will update them on occasion, and we may not provide the dates when they will change or the details about the changes. THIS AFFILIATE PROGRAM IS MANAGED BY SEARLCO. You can contact us